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It's an honor and privilege to serve! Join me in supporting a good cause - THE INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY. It is a charity that is dear to me because of the impact it has on the community.

We're raising money to continue our programs and services geared towards giving two or 3 students the opportunity to receive scholarships to attend THE INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY #charterschool - in Topeka, KS.

We want to ensure we're providing the tools they need to be productive students. In turn this helps to keep our neighborhood thriving and growing in a positive way. 

The International Academy is a private K-12 school serving the children of the historic Tennessee Town community in Topeka, Kansas. The money will serve two purposes. 1) Funding of the Bright Stars Scholarship Fund to assist families with the cost of tuition, books, lunches, uniforms, and supplies. 2) Purchasing of computers, software, field trips and transportation for the students.

This is a preparatory school. The International Academy is preparing the students for life and to be quality citizens. One main goal of the academy is to make sure our young people — at least 50 percent of whom will be “at-risk” — receive the necessary skills to enable them to be successful in their future academic endeavors.

With your support, this mission can be obtained. PLEASE support this great cause!