Gareth M.

I began training with Terrance in July after coming to the realization that I'd neglected the state of my fitness for too long.  I'd tried "self-help" approaches in the past (e.g. jogging, counting calories, etc.), but my progress always stopped as a result of injuries or "diet fatigue."  After doing some research I decided to pursue resistance weight training -- specifically barbell training focused on squats, bench press, deadlift and press.  I'm in my late 40s and had never attempted a deadlift or barbell squat in my life, and I knew I needed someone to show me how. An acquaintance recommended Terrance and said, "I've had many trainers in my life, and Terrance is the best."


When I started with Terrance in July I was confident that I was going to be working with a knowledgeable trainer.  The unexpected surprise to me was what a really great person Terrance is as well. Even though my early training sessions were as difficult as any 50 minute period I'd experienced in the past 20 years, I still really enjoyed them and looked forward to them.


I knew I didn't have the time or budget to have a trainer for the rest of my life, so I ask Terrance to train me to a point at which I could confidently train on my own. I wanted him to show me how to capture all the benefits of exercise while avoiding the injuries that had derailed me in the past. Terrance delivered.


I now work out at least three times a week and look forward to the workouts.   Eight months later I am leaner than I have been in quite a long time. And to my great surprise, even though I worked out a lot in my 20s and 30s, I'm actually stronger today than I have ever been.  Eight months ago Terrance started teaching me squats with an unweighted bar, and we progressed from there. I can easily remember when 135 pounds on the bar felt heavy. Yesterday my workout included squats @ 282.5 lbs for 3 sets of 5 reps. If Terrance had told me that would be possible for an out of shape guy in his late 40s to do that within 8 months of starting with him, I'd have been shocked. But it happened.


I'll close by telling you the same thing that someone said to me when I was looking for a trainer; Terrance is the best.  

Michelle C.

 A testimonial-- what exactly is that? "I used to weigh 220lbs, now I weigh 184lbs; I'm down from a size 16 to a 12!"? 

This fitness thing can't be about numbers for me. They don't mean much, they're unreliable and deceiving in many ways-- what I mean is, that once numbers go up again (and because life is what  it is, they will go up) should I revert back to old habits, old unproductive attitudes, submerge my self determination in the depths of the ocean? NOPE-- that Michelle was a very depressed, angry, resentful and in more than one way, a very unhappy person.  Because previous attempts at weight loss were about vanity and insecurities, while they worked temporally, that's just what they were, temporary. 

Insecurities expounded as disappointments, fears and hurts mounted. And soon I was back to  self destructive attitudes, choices, behaviors and  true unhealthy living. So this time around, fitness has been about lowering rising blood pressure, decreasing cholesterol levels to the normal range, minimizing risks of heart disease, eliminating risk of diabetes, helping with sleep routine and managing anxiety/depression. Once these goals are 'reached' according to the 'the numbers' (there's that numbers thing again), because health is so important for being able to stay active and maintain these numbers (blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes), continuing my routine is a must. 

I enjoy the mental and physical challenge that fitness brings to my life. Working out regularly improves and maintains my sleeping schedule and wards off depression and anxiety. I love the accountability and camaraderie that my group brings to my life. Thank you Terrance

Kristen B.

Alomost 5 years ago, my family and I left our lifetime state of Texas to move 1000 miles away to Chicago, IL. 2 weeks before my family of 7 moved we adopted 2 beautiful girls, my 7 year old broke his wrist  and I had an emergency DNC caused by scar tissue from a previous procedure. 9 months into living in Chicago, my mom died suddenly of a brain aneurysm hemorrhage. My mom had been the one I'd talk to about anything. One month after my moms death, my husband got a job in Kansas City. Moving again! Fortunately, I was able to stay home with our 5 children, but I was a successful sales person for 13 years and now I'm a full time mom!?!? Adjustment to say the least.

My mind, body and spirit were needing "something". Then my friend Carmen convinced me to come to her workout group. I didn't need  a workout group. I was a college athlete. I knew what I was doing. 

I went away... started with 1 day per week. I was sore in places I didn't know I had. After a few weeks, I was hooked. I began working out with Terrance  and the group 2 times per week, and I call it my "therapy group". 

Not only did Terrance transform my body fat and ideal weight, he and my group also gave me so much support mentally and spiritually. God put people into your life when you least expect it. Huge thanks to Terrance and hugs to my girls. You guys will always be special in my heart, no matter where I live.

Tanya M.

I have been a client of Terrance’s for 5 years now. On top of being very insightful and extremely knowledgeable, Terrance is effortlessly personable and makes every workout session go by in a blink of an eye. 

He always pushes me further towards my goals and makes sure I hold myself accountable to the goals we set together. Whether it’s training a client or mentoring other trainers, I believe the single greatest characteristic that distinguishes Terrance as a leader in the personal training field is his self-evident sense of caring for the client. 

I see it in the clients he trains, I hear it from the trainers he has mentored, and I know it to be at the very root of who and what he is as a personal trainer. I would gladly recommend Terrance as a personal trainer to anyone of any fitness level. He WILL get you to where you want to be!!!!.

Beth R.

Terrance is wonderful! I have worked with him for many years and he is more than a trainer, he is a friend that is cheering you on all day, everyday. 

Precise Fitness is a place where you can learn to be a healthier you. The facility is the perfect size; big enough to have all the most current equipment for all types of fitness, yet small enough so you don't feel intimidated or overwhelmed.  

Terrance truly is "in this" to make a positive impact on each person he works with; it's not just a job to him. I cannot recommend Terrance and Precise Fitness highly enough! 

Ashley T.

 Terrance is truly a personal trainer at his core. He cares about each individual that he trains, making customization and fine tuning workouts to maximize results. After the first few months of training with Terrance, I was seeing my strength increase and I felt great about my more toned body. Then, I became pregnant with my second child, so my goals shifted. As I progressed through my pregnancy, Terrance adjusted the exercises to accommodate my changing body and safely continue exercising. I knew every Monday that I would get an awesome workout and I would be challenged with new and different exercises to keep my body guessing! I appreciated that Terrance explained why he chose the exercises that he did during each phase of my pregnancy. Thank you, Terrance, for helping me achieve my goal of having a healthy pregnancy!